Help Wanted

We are looking for subject matter specialist in all fields; human factors, engineering, enforcement, judiciary, legislative liaison that want to return our emphasis to those programs that provide safety solutions and best practices as the standard for our nation. Moreover, we would like to institute real accident reducing, improved flow, guidance and access management solution research and field trials.

NOW is the time to get in on the ground floor of the biggest revolution in safety since... ever... or at least since the Greatest Generation’s country first ethos after World War II in the 50’s and 60’s!

Since the early 90’s the foundations of fact based policies have been under attack by the US DOT itself and special interest. We think it would be very helpful for those that determine best practice have all information available, not just faux circle papers that have become standard practice. Those findings that are not supportive of the agenda de jure are not included or have been removed from public discourse. Worse, this has resulted in a new generation of engineers that have been trained to accept myth as fact. Under any measure this cannot be allowed to stand, empirical findings by definition are based on fact and we must return this with haste.

We need:
• BLOG Editors
• Research Paper Archivists
• Website, Newsletter, PR Editors
• State Activist
• Subject Matter Experts
• Video Producers
• Fund Raisers
• Speakers
• Volunteers