Unsafe Practices

Colter v Kopp: Speed Limits, RICO and criminal charges against state and federal officials

Colter v Kopp is a game changer for traffic control, vehicle codes and police power. Up until this case poor and illegal use of traffic control devices and unconstitutional police powers has largely been done with immunity.

Just last year we asked for an legal interpretation from the FHWA HOTO citing illegal authorities in the MUTCD et al for traffic control device use and they ignored it. Now Lahood, Secretary of Transportation and Mary Peters his predecessor, are faced with personal criminal charges

What few know is this is a federal field and if you violate the rights of an individual when you are operating in your official capacity, you can be personally liable and its a felony subject to prison, No exceptions for any public official (sic politic, courts, engineers, law enforcement etc). And there is a provision in federal law for a citizen to become a private Attorneys General to prosecute, exactly what Colter has done in this case.

9th Circuit Amended Complaint PDF